Monday, March 24, 2014

Lamp Rehab

I wanted to replace a lamp on my dresser because my current one was too short. I thought I would try rehabbing one so I could make it just the way I wanted it to look. I found a tall wooden lamp for $5 at a local thrift store and I thought it would be perfect to paint with my homemade chalk paint. I did absolutely no prep work. None. I didn't even wipe it down.

Wooden lamp w rusty metal base.The finish is scratched and dinged up.

I painted w 2 coats of my chalk paint w a light sanding in between. I lightly distressed after the second coat.It looked so much better already.

After painting 2 coats.

After light distressing. On my dresser looking good.

And now for the lampshade. I wanted to cover a shade in fabric. I found a very affordable drum shade by purchasing an old lamp w the perfect size shade at another thrift store. $12 for the lamp and shade. I spent a little time on Pinterest reading how others had covered shades in fabric and headed to Joanne's.

Just the right shade waiting for a  pick-me-up.

Fabric is measured and cut , ready to glue.

My trusty project supervisor

I ironed the fabric thoroughly to get all creases and wrinkles out before I started. I rolled the fabric around the shade cutting the fabric w an extra inch on top and bottom. I ironed the fabric one last time before glueing. I tried to pull the fabric tight as I went along the top and bottom to keep from having any wrinkles or extra fabric.

I used painters tape to hold the ends together until the glue was dry.

Finished shade

 I added a red braided trim to the top and bottom to finish it off. Fabri-Tac was the glue I used. It was easy to work with and dried quickly. I covered the shade in one evening. It was a fun quick project.

Evening picture, finished project

Daytime look

Close up of the finished project

I did not wax the base so it has a matte look. I'm happy with the finished project :)

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